Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Canabalt HD v1.1

  - New Feature: Options screen with volume, vibration, etc controls
  - New Feature: You can totally set the music as a ringtone!
  - Update:  About button has been moved to the options screen
  - Update:  HD player character now has white socks (by popular demand!)
  - Bug Fix: Collision volume for leg has been tweaked a bit to fit the graphic closer
  - Bug Fix: Rooftop fences draw in order better in SD mode

Good day everyone!  Took a bit longer than originally planned, but as of now Canabalt HD v1.1 is up on Google Play.  This primarily is there to introduce independent sliders for music and sound effects volume, a much requested feature judging by our contact e-mail.

In addition we've added a few fun extras.  Notably, you can set the three music tracks as your ringtone if you'd like!  Plus, since several folks mentioned it, the HD player model now has proper white socks.  Enjoy!


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  2. Where can I post Feature Requests?

    I like the game on the Google TV (such as Logitech Revue), but on the touchscreen I can jump in different heights. On the TV I just can jump (high) or no. I would like to define two different keys (on the keyboard) which represents different heights. Without it, I allways miss the windows, because I jump too high.