Friday, July 6, 2012

Issues with Android 2.2

I'm pushing updates to a couple different products today (Friendly Bugs and Prismatic) to fix an issue with Android 2.2 that appeared in the last update.  Here's what happened.

On June 28th, we switched basically all of our products away from using proguard.cfg, and towards using the newer style of proguard-android.txt that's provided by the SDK.  I spot checked things on a few devices and everything seemed fine.

Well, it wasn't fine.  Basically, the default proguard configuration doesn't preserve any NDK hooks that might be in place.  It's necessary to use the NDK to use OpenGL 2.0 on Android 2.1 or 2.2, which means that on those devices you ended up with a black screen.  At this point almost every device we have has ended up being updated to 2.3.3, so none of the devices I checked at the time were running an Android version that old.  This was neglectful on my part, I should've made a point of checking an NDK-using device.

Thankfully, we noticed this fairly quickly, so really only a couple of products were affected, and a lesson was learned regarding treating Proguard with respect.

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  1. I have. ANDROID 2.2. I'm able to download some live wallpaper but others come up saying no devices found. Help!!!