Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prismatic Live Wallpaper v1.3

  - New Feature: Crop/rotate your custom images!
  - Update: New built-in image - Streaks!
  - Bug Fix: Resizing issue on Android 4.4 devices
  - Google Play Link

Like the below updates, this is a maintenance release that brings with it a few good extras.  Primarily, you can now crop/rotate your custom images when selecting them, a feature lots of folks have requested.  We're also including a new built-in image that gives a nice gentle background pattern.

The icon is higher res too, which is cool, I guess.


  1. I'm having an issue where I can't use custom images on my new nexus 5. Any help? Was my only wallpaper app on my N4! Thanks.

    1. Hey man, just uploaded a build that fixes this. Sorry about that!