Monday, January 26, 2015

Unium is in approval!

We've checked all our boxes, and are on our way to shipping the game.  Twenty achievements, over 100 levels, well behaved in both landscape and portrait on a wide range of devices.  Oh, and pretty sweet music too!  To the right is an iOS landscape screenshot.

As a result Unium is now waiting for Apple's thumbs-up, and then we'll get everything available and ready for purchase!  We're really happy with how much puzzle we achieved from such a simple concept, and hopefully players agree.  To begin with we're keeping it simple and simply putting the game for sale, no ads, no in app purchases, etc.  We realize this is a more difficult route to monetization these days, where pay-to-unlock is king, but hopefully folks will take a chance and enjoy themselves.

The puzzles work well with a mouse too, we we'd love any support for our Steam Greenlight campaign.

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