Saturday, February 7, 2015

Watch Faces v1.2

This updates all five of our watch face projects to v1.2.  That means Galactic Core Watch Face, Storm Watch Face, Koi Watch Face, Autumn Watch Face, and Clock Tower Watch Face.

  - Update: Three additional fonts available
  - Update: New face style: Large Digital
  - New Feature: Can display mini digital time on analog faces
  - New Feature: Watch faces resize to get out of the way of notifications

This is largely in response to user feedback, adding a few additional fonts to the list (wider ones, in particular) and adding a new watch face style that's a much larger digital readout.  Additionally, a pref now exists to display a small digital readout of the time even on analog faces.

We've also got the watch faces paying attention to active notifications now, and you'll see the face scale down to get out of the notification's way.  Several of the built-in faces do things like this so it seemed appropriate to follow suit.


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