Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper v1.35

  - New Feature: Accurate sunrise/sunset times for your position
  - Update: New icon/thumbnail art
  - Bug Fix: Now unregistering battery intent receiver properly.

Update: v1.36 just released.  This fixes an issue with the moon/sun not displaying properly.

Similar to Snowfall, Blue Skies will now use your coarse location to calculate sunrise/sunset based upon your current location and time zone.  This seems to work well in practice, let me know if you run into any issues!

The icon and thumbnail art is now higher res, so it'll look better on tablets mostly.

If you've ever looked at your log and seen a warning about an intent receiver leaking, that's because we were registering to get updates about the phone's battery, but had forgotten to unregister upon shutdown.  This is fixed now.

Both this and Snowfall now have the live wallpaper filter enabled as well, so hopefully that'll help reduce confusion a touch.


  1. Fixed in an update earlier today. Sorry about that, this particular feature addition is about the most problematic one we've ever done.

  2. Love this wallpaper! Very cool. I started with the free version, loved it, then moved to the purchased version. Well worth the money! Thanks.

    A couple enhancement ideas if you consider having another major revision of this one, assuming they are possible:
    -Allow the user to set the balloons count include email messages
    -Provide a special type of balloon (hot-air balloons maybe) for voice-mail.
    -Provide a special type of balloon when wireless networks are available.
    -Allow the user to select a storm cloud display when the cell signal drops to 0.