Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silhouette Live Wallpaper v1.6

  - Update: Nicer cloud overlay art
  - Update: Fixed dithering on sky backdrop
  - Update: New icon and thumbnail art
  - Update: Added live wallpaper usage flag
  - Bug Fix: Better preview screen behavior

On a really high res device, the lack of dithering in particular actually makes a pretty huge difference.  It's a lot cleaner and sharper, and that's helped along by the new cloud overlay art.  I also made the cloud angle a lot more extreme so it feels more like things are coming in from a distance than it did before.  The new cloud overlay is completely greyscale as well, so despite being four times the resolution should use the same amount of memory.

These changes definitely look sharper and hold up very well on even a high res screen.


  1. This application would not install on my Thunderbolt. The free one installed without issue, but the donation one won't install.

  2. hi, this is a fantastic lwp, but it's not working on my HTC HD2.
    i can set it and it works for about 3-4minutes, then the clouds stop moving, the wallpaper stop scrolling and all the system become very laggy. i can try to change the wallpaper but most of the time it reboot by itself, and keep rebooting until i succeed in changing the wallpaper (i have less then a minute until a new reboot).
    this is happening on ICS, and 2 different GB build.
    is there something i can do? i really wish to donate for this, i remember it was working 6or more months ago on the same device on an early gingerbread build..

  3. Vibbuz -- No idea what's going on there, I've tested this on a Galaxy Nexus and haven't seen any problems. So far as I can tell there's nothing special about ICS as far as compatibility.

    Does anything else do this? It might be a hardware problem or some obscure incompatibility with something else you're running.