Thursday, March 29, 2012

Canabalt HD v1.05

  - New Feature: Localization to french, italian, german, spanish
  - Update: Re-using an existing account better supported
  - Bug Fix: Occasional crash during building generation
  - Bug Fix: Difficult window at building 4

The big thing here is getting localization in place for a few major european languages, and fixing some minor crash issues at the same time.  People seem to be really digging the game so far, so look for more updates in the future.  :)

Please let us know if anything goes amiss!  Look for these fixes on Kindle and Nook devices in the next few days.

1 comment:

  1. Hey guys, Canabalt is addictive, but to be frank, it's so hard to go through windows. I figured that our touch intensity determines how high the runner jumps, but it's almost impossible to replicate this over and over again. The runner, for the most part, jumps to the max. It's really difficult to make him jump minimum.

    Maybe can we have an alternate control scheme? Something like having the uppermost part of the screen with the lowest jumping height, and gradually moving down with the olower part of the screen having the highest jumping height.

    Game is good - no bugs otherwise - but it's frustrating as I have to depend on my luck of not finding windows to jump through to even reach the 2000m mark.

    -Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1- (Bought game from Humble Bundle 2)