Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canabalt HD

( Android Market link )

We've mentioned working on a game project a couple times here -- the first one we've done in over a year -- and it's finally ready for prime time!  Canabalt HD is an Android-based update to the seminal platform game originally developed by Adam Atomic.  Look for 3D modelled buildings, characters, and backdrops, with the original gameplay left completely intact!

We've stuck faithfully to the color palette and feel of the original game, and hope any fans will be pleased by the graphics update.  If not, you can switch back to the original artwork seamlessly and return to the original old-school sprite look.  Both run well on any Android device running Android 2.2 or above!

As of right now, Canabalt HD is also available for the Kindle Fire, and I'm expecting to have it green-lit on the Nook store shortly.  In addition, it should work and play fine on a GoogleTV device, and we have support for the XPeria Play gamepad to boot.  Everybody wins!


  1. So I'm loving it on my Wife's Desire Z. I'm just wondering if there is anyway to shoehorn it onto my Dream. It installs, but when I try to play it crashes. I'm assuming it's the HD aspect, is there any way to turn that off outside of the game? Like a file that could be edited from the terminal?

    1. It uses OpenGL 2.0, which I'm pretty sure isn't supported on the Dream. Sorry sir.