Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gallery Live Wallpaper v1.1

  - New Feature: Categories in image browser
  - New Feature: Select All/None in image browser
  - Update: Now using Holo theme on ICS devices
  - Update: Better Market "open" button handling

This update is primarily driven by customer feedback, as the #1 item was definitely being able to view your images by category/folder, and being able to select all of them easily.  To that end we now determine a list of categories, have you select one (or all) then allow you to individually modify the list or select all/none within that category.  It works well in my testing so I'm hoping everybody's getting what they were looking for.  :)

In addition, we've moved the project forward to SDK 14, so it'll use the Holo style UI on supported devices now.

Also, just put up a YouTube video, if you're interested!

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