Friday, June 8, 2012

Obscure Market Errors

We spent most of an afternoon trying to figure out a problem we were having with Android in-app purchases.  We'd try to buy something, it would fail, and in the log output we'd get IAB_PERMISSION_ERROR, something that you'll find almost no hits on if you do a Google search.

After a lot of pounding our heads on the wall, we figured out the source of the problem, at least in our case -- the item we were trying to buy existed but hadn't yet been published.  Sounds obvious I know, but it wasn't our Market account we were testing against so we didn't have any way to double-check it ourselves, and were told everything was good to go.

If you got here because you had this error happen and this is the only link in English, I suggest that you confirm the in-app product has actually been published, not just saved.  We also did some tests trying to access an in-app product from an account that wasn't in the test list, you'll see the same error in that case.


  1. Just discovered this on my own as well! I can't believe there is no documentation on this! How long did it take after you added the test account for the error to go away? I've been waiting for at least 30 minutes.

    1. It took a little while. Maybe an hour or two?