Monday, October 22, 2012

Clock Tower Live Wallpaper v1.0

(Google Play Link)
(YouTube Link)

This is a project that's been going on, on and off, for months now... and we finally got the light rays looking right!  What we have here is a bit of a Castlevania inspired abstract 3D clock tower, with turning gears and a clock that properly tells time.  You can pick from different types of clock faces and hands, and there's a few other prefs that let you control the intensity of the rays, camera motion, and so on.

The shader that's at work here is actually pretty nice, and it reacts to the silhouette of the foreground geometry quite well.  We're proud of the visuals here, overall, and think other folks will enjoy them as well!

UPDATE: Just uploaded v1.01, which fixes ray occlusion on some devices!


  1. No link to the store? But searching for things is HAAAAAARD! :-P

  2. It really looks great and I really love it. But the battery doesn't charge anymore (Nexus) unless I turn off the phone while charging. Instead of charching it just uses battery power like in normal use, ignoring the power connection. How come?
    There are no problems with other Live-Wallpapers.

    1. I've used this wallpaper on a Galaxy Nexus for a fair while, and didn't have any problems like this. Did you install anything else at the same time? We don't do anything involving to prevent charging and suspect we couldn't if we wanted to.