Monday, January 21, 2013

Gallery Live Wallpaper v2.0

  - New Feature: Added Picasa support, including personal accounts  - New Feature: Simulated scrolling on some devices
  - New Feature: Help and introductory text
  - Update: Separated retriever service from wallpaper service
  - Google Play link

This update has been brewing for a long time, and is using a framework we created (that at this point is well tested on a number of products) to handle background downloads from a content source.  It shouldn't look much different to you on the surface, but should be better behaved overall.

In addition, we've added support for Picasa.  By default this is public images only, but if you allow us to use your credentials it can include your personal images as well.  Clear the search terms and it'll just show your personal images.

In addition, we've added some help functionality and intro text that should help get new users going.

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