Sunday, December 29, 2013

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper v2.35

  - Bug Fix: Resizing issue on 4.4+ handsets
  - Update: Links in settings
  - Google Play Link

Nothing big, just another maintenance update.  We also cleaned up the store listing and bit and put in screenshots for tablets specifically and so on.  The main thing is that this way folks on a Nexus 5 won't get a black bar at the top of the screen!


  1. Latest Update is faulty, FCs and Stopps.

    1. Do you have any details? I've run it for a while and it seems fine.

    2. Installing / Updating runs well, but after restarting there are application stopped / FC Toasts, Home Screen wallpaper goes back to default wallpaper.
      This happens on 4.4.2 CM 11 SGS / 4.1.2 stock Sammy on SGS2 (international).
      On my SGS4 LTE stock Sammy 4.3 it runs a while before stopping to work.
      It is reproducible, when go to settings of LWP and try to change theme, in selection list nothing is checked (spiral was checked before update) when you check something and take over changes and leave setting, app stopp working immediately. Thanks TB I'm back on version 2.35 till that was fixed

  2. Since latest update, galactic core is draining a lot the battery... any fix? Thx