Thursday, May 1, 2014

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper v2.41

 - Bug Fix: Crash when changing theme on some locales
  - Google Play Link (full)
  - Google Play Link (free)

There were a couple of other minor localization things as well, but the main one is the crash.  Basically, before we localized anything I went through and separated out any strings that shouldn't be localized.  I missed one, and so depending on how the translator handled it you'd get a crash as it was looking for an improper filename.

This took embarassingly long to realize what was going on, sorry about that folks.  :/

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  1. There's something strange with how the color controls work for the Nebula format: reducing the saturation makes the color more blue rather than less saturated. For example if I choose a green hue and set the saturation slider halfway I will get a color that's halfway between blue and green, i.e. turquoise, instead of a half-saturated green like I'd expect. This only seems to happen with the Nebula format. Was it intentional?