Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anode - A falling block puzzle game!

Nobody makes these anymore.  I'm not sure why, but we have a lot of fond memories of Puzzle Fighter and Columns, so wanted to throw our hat in that ring.  Allow me to introduce Anode!

We've been working on this for the last three months or so, starting with a very rough prototype and gradually progressing though more and more refinement.   Several single player modes and competitive multiplayer are supported, along with achievements, online leaderboards, and plenty more.

Anode incorporates concepts from a number of other games, and introduces some of its own.  Colors can match diagonally or laterally, and don't go off until touched by a detonator -- something you have control of.  Set up chain reactions that can pay off later, or keep your bin clear, whatever works best for you.  Earn items to help clear the bin, stop your blocks from falling, or to punish your competitors!

Speaking of competitors, local multiplayer is fast and fun, with full support for either keyboard play, or a pair of gamepads, or whatever combination you like.  Break more than two blocks in a single sequence and any additionals get sent to your opponent's bin!  Work fast, and try to be the last man standing.  Set starting handicaps per player if things seem imbalanced.

We've implemented over thirty achievements, and have a variety of leaderboards covering all the game modes, including play with or without items.  All this is up and working now, with just some final polishing items holding things up.  Anode will be available on Steam in the next couple of weeks.

Just set up an IndieDB page too, check it out for a couple more screenshots!

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