Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Things to get done on various projects:

* Fix Generala text color bug (Droid X issue)  ?????
* Enable SD card loading for Generala
* Mipmapping disabled by default for Aquarium
* Multitexture Aquarium overhead light, make it awesomer
* Look into water caustics style effect on Aquarium background images
* Wider treatment for Silhouette, scroll more on 7-screen phones
* Find source images for clown triggerfish
* Investigate usage rights on this image of clown triggerfish


  1. Kittehface Software - Galactic Core Donation

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    i have buy your live wallpaper,but why i 'can find your live wallpaper now?(after update the rom,i9000) just free ver only,can you check it?
    i very like this wallpaper

  2. I noticed you have included work on your checklist towards creating a clown triggerfish for the aquarium. Whether or not my previous comment had any bearing on your decision I am grateful you continue to work towards improving your already wonderful aquarium software. Thank-you, you set a high standard of how a good developer should act.

  3. Looking forward to the text color bug fix. Currently on my Droid X I can't see the line scores.