Thursday, July 29, 2010

North American Flags v1.0

Been working on this one the last couple weeks, and it's finally just about set.  This is an animated wallpaper showing a hanging flag blowing in the wind, with a bunch of customization options.  It includes flags of the United States, Canada, and all 50 US states.  There's seven backgrounds -- Five of places in North America, plus black and white.  You can select the state of the flag (solid pristine, translucent, or solid tattered) and the animation speed.  In landscape mode you get a more stylized angled close-up of the flag.  It's quite pretty!

Check out the YouTube video!  The wallpaper itself will go live tomorrow morning, and we're really excited about this one, the motion turned out really great and it's fun to watch!


  1. Cool app! Next iteration could include various sports team logos, NFL, MLB, College etc.. Heck the possibilities are endless. Obviously world flags would make sense too. Great work!

  2. The Canada flag has the red stripes on top and bottom. Should be on sides.

  3. Update: When Droid phone has optional keyboard extended (horizontal view), the Canada flag is correct. However, when the screen is in vertical view, the Canada flag is incorrect.