Sunday, December 19, 2010

Final Child's Play Donation!

It's  been a few says since the 15th now, so everybody who was going to keep their Snowfall charity wallpaper should've done so already.  Time to make the last donation!

Okay, so last time we had 24,793 sales.  Searching through Checkout this time, we're at 45,427 sales.  That's over 20k sales in two weeks!  Crazy!

So, let's do the math:

45427 - 24793 = 20634
20634 * 0.34 = $7015.56

I'm really kind of floored how well this has gone, tons of thanks to everybody who picked up a copy, we'll have to do this again next year.  :)

Checking the local Children's Hospital page, they're looking surprisingly set at this point, so I picked them up an extra Wii, WiiMote, and a copy of Spyro for the 360.  This is the second copy of Spyro we've gotten them, but as most 360 games are of the hardcore serious variety it seems important to get something friendlier for that system, to me.

Cost of Items: $313.97
Cast Donation: $6701.59

Total of all donations: $15,445.18


  1. Outstanding work!
    I thought Snowfall was another great LWP (I purchased Galactic Core, Thunderstorm and got Aquarium for my Mom).
    Your Child's Play involvement got me to share your goal with my facebook friends who I know purchased a few copies.
    Continued success and Happy Holidays!

  2. Just wanted to say that's an amazing thing your doing for the kids. If you ever need our help with anything shoot me an email.