Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KF Hearts Live Wallpaper

( YouTube link )
( Android Market link )

Since we're coming up on Valentine's Day, I figured we should cave to some requests and make an appropriate wallpaper!  This one's relatively simple but has some nice art in it, and has a number of settings to allow you to tweak its appearance.  Plus, you can set it to have puff of little hearts when you tap the screen!


  1. Can you make it possible that I can change the background to my own picture (for example the person I love ;) )?

  2. I'm having a problem with the appp. Getting blank white squares...I have both uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Any sugguestions...I have a the original Droid.

  3. Would really love it if I could have it in Blue....beautiful hearts but not particularly happy with the red background...your pictures in the marketplace as well as on here show the blue! I would much rather have that one instead!

  4. Sorry for the slow reply, but the newest version allows you to put a selected image inside of some of the hearts. :)