Friday, January 7, 2011

Asteroid Belt v1.25

  - New Feature: Control color of orbital rings!
  - Update: Less memory usage
  - Update: Added "live wallpaper" flag
  - Bugfix: Preview screen no longer jumps to far left

Now that 2.2 is being pushed to a bunch of Galaxy S phones, we're hopefully at the end of a long messy road of phones that don't properly display live wallpapers in the market.  I'm told this has been added to the standard test suite so it'll red-flag if people don't have it configured properly in the future.  To that end I'll be updating all the wallpapers over the next week or so to add this flag, which should finally help fix a lot of long-standing confusion within the Marketplace.

A few wallpapers pretty much have all the logical features I can think of, but most of them will be getting an addition or two as I go through and add this flag -- it's no fun getting an update that doesn't add anything, I know!

In the case of Asteroid Belt, I notched down memory usage a bit by converting the specular maps to grey scale, fixed the behavior of the preview screen, and added a setting to control the color of the orbit rings, if you're so inclined.  Nothing earth-shaking but it can't hurt.  :)


  1. Very cool wallpaper, along with the snow wallpaper. My two favorites, got them for my wife as well.

    Would be a great enhancement if you could make it so when I tap an asteroid it breaks apart! I was so hoping for this when I first saw it. I'm certain I would get unlimited entertainment out of it, which may say something bad about me but never the less...!

  2. naturaly everyone loves the earth atmosphere