Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Friendly Bugs v1.2

  - New Feature:  Animation smoothing!
  - Update:  5 new butterflies!
  - Update:  "Never" butterfly spawn frequency
  - Bug Fix:  Better preview screen handling

The initial plan here was just to add some more butterflies, so you've got five more arriving at their landing zones now!  At the same time I speed-tested interpolated animation and discovered on a 2.2 device it works with a minimal speed hit.

What's that mean?  Basically, normally we're just playing back animation frames at a regular interval -- this is usually around 15-20fps depending on the item.  If the framerate of the wallpaper is higher than that (and it almost always is), you end up seeing the same animation frame twice in a row.  This means the animation is choppier than it seems like it should be, but the benefit is that the animation is very inexpensive to render.

The interpolation means that instead of this doubling-up behavior, the system will generate additional in-between animation frames as it goes, so your animation is effectively playing back as fast as the framerate allows.  This means smoother butterflies on the screen, basically.  You can't go too far wrong with smoother butterflies, so it's now available as an option in the preferences screen.


  1. hello dev..

    i like this LW alot, and i have wishlists for your next update, hope you can make it.. thanks :)

    1. a mistery butterfly... a beautiful HUGE butterfly that rarely come out of screen maybe only 2 or 3 times in 6hours.. can you make it?

    2. additional morning fog or smoke... is is possible?

    3. autum leaves backgroud...

    thanks in advance

  2. one more thing.. 4. can you make the butterflies fly away when we touch them? :)

  3. This this in the AndroidManifest.xml to filter out phones that don't have live wallpaper support.

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    please contact me regarding mobile distribution of your app.