Monday, February 14, 2011

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper v1.0

( Android Market link )

It's been a while since we last released a new wallpaper, but Jumpgate is now available on the market!  This one's Android themed, which seemed appropriate for showing our cool stuff at Mobile World Congress this week.  :)

Jumpgate lets you follow your Android buddy as he soars through space at high speeds!  There's customization options for the background colors, star streak brightness, movement speeds, animation smoothing, and several others.  Double-tapping on different places on the screen causes your Android to wave, barrel roll, or turn on turbo boot for a burst of speed.  If you've got suggestions for other actions he could perform, let us know!

All this turned out quite well in my opinion, and it's exciting to get this out there for folks to see.  Hope everybody likes it!


  1. maybe add a SMS indicator on the rocket or body.
    customizable droid's size and color.
    different kinda meteoroid ( cotton candy, fruits., flying tools etc)

  2. Great wallpaper however it drains the battery. I would suggest adding a disable until phone is unlocked setting.

  3. Superb Work. Thanks for this. Looks really Great.

  4. I have an Eris with Froyo and Jumpgate isn't available in the Market. Any ideas? This looks awesome!

  5. I would definitely purchase this if there were an option to disable the android, and just have the warp tunnel effect.

  6. I also would like an option to turn off the android. Just the jump gate effect by itself is looks great. I have yet to see a good space travel live wallpaper until this one

  7. I'll definitely get on doing a few of these suggestions -- letting you tweak his color and so on. It might make more sense to have a separate listing without the Android as a centerpoint... or maybe let you pick the Android, a space ship, or nothing at all?

    Steed - I've been using this for the last few days and it doesn't even show up on the battery usage list. It already sleeps if the home screen isn't active.

  8. Another great (and purchased!) LWP!
    I'm with the having the option of removing the Android as well.
    How about making the Asteroids optional as well (0 = no asteroids)?
    The clean warping effect is really nice.
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Just bought this, really cool and cute! However, I've not seen this "Turbo Boost" feature. How does it look like?

    I only see the wave and the barrel roll.

    Hope you add more actions in future! And an option to choose the action.