Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KF Hearts v1.06

  - Bug Fix: Custom locket image refreshing

This was an oversight on my part, really.  What would happen is, if you select a custom image from an SD card, then reboot the phone, you'd get the default image instead.  This is because the SD card doesn't get mounted right away on startup, so the wallpaper starts, goes to load your custom image, discovers it's not accessible, then falls back to the default.

I solve this on the other wallpapers by doing this check periodically, so if it fails the first time it'll work once the card is mounted.  In (I think) all cases, I do the check whenever the wallpaper wakes up from sleep.  So, if you reboot your phone and discover the hearts contain a picture of a kitty, you should find that next time you look at your home screen it's fixed itself.

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