Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chroma Wave Live Wallpaper v1.0

(Android Market link)

Finally a new release!  We've been a little slow on the public facing side the last month or two, and it's exciting to get a new project out there for folks to check out.  This one's abstract, with a few overlapping sine waves blending with different colors and speeds.  It's calm, makes some very pretty colors, and of course has a bunch of controls allowing you to adjust colors, speeds, and what have you.

This actually started out life as a prototype for a different project, but we liked the look and feel to figured we should go all the way.  It's also the first project we've got using our new wallpaper service, which uses less memory and generally behaves better than the old one.  You should see generally snappier behavior when switching from portrait to landscape, and a total lack of loading when applying the wallpaper from the preview screen.

We think we've worked out all the kinks here, but please let us know if anything happens when you try it out!  Assuming all goes well we'll have an update to EU Flags that incorporates all the OpenGL 2.0 speed-boost that NA Flags got a little while ago.

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