Monday, July 18, 2011

EU Flags Live Wallpaper v1.6

  - Update: Now using OpenGL 2.0
  - Update: Higher res flag textures
  - Update: Custom flags now use embossing/stitching
  - Update: New flagpole!

This is basically the same round of updates as we did previously with NA flags, plus some general technical improvement besides.  All the flag art is higher res and reads noticeably better on a Xoom or similar tablet, and the performance in that situation is greatly improved as well.

I did mess up at one point with this update -- the initial version I uploaded didn't have the GLES version requirement set in the Manifest.  This means for about two minutes I had an update posted that requires OpenGL 2.0 but didn't say so, which means some folks with phones that don't support OpenGL 2.0 might've ended up downloading and update that doesn't work on their hardware.

I suspect this isn't goo much of an issue, but there are some devices out there that support Live Wallpapers but only OpenGL 1.1.  So long as the GLES version flag is proper, they'll simply keep going with the older version so far as I can tell.  Breaking them is definitely not something I wanted, hopefully this didn't cause any long-term issues.


  1. My name is Amee and I was trying to get a hold of the developer of EU Flags Live Wallpaper. Is there a email or phone number that is available to contact the developer? My email is

    Thank You

  2. Feel free to send an e-mail to contact at :)

  3. Why i cant bay fool to bay say that its not compatible with my htc desaire..price is 5.55kn i have 5.90...