Friday, July 8, 2011

What's going on?

Lots, actually.  We've been rather quiet the last few weeks as we're working on several projects, both for ourselves and as outside work.  We'll talk about the outside projects once they're out, but our own projects look like this currently:

* A koi pond with interactive water Released!
* An abstract color-mixing wallpaper Released!
* Update to both flags applications Released!
* An Aquarium update with more plant motion

A couple of these are actually more or less done, but the big thing we're currently looking at is a rewrite of our underlying wallpaper service.  You may have noticed that sometimes when returning to the home screen you get a one-frame blip of black -- our big target is to fix that, and to otherwise make sure we have a solid handle on everything happening at that level.

So, we're hanging back on releasing these things until we have confidence in our update.  It'll improve our whole product line so seems worth the trouble, though I hate the radio silence meanwhile.

We'll try to do a couple blog posts about any snags we run into here.

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