Monday, August 29, 2011

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper v2.02

  - Bug Fix: Settings screen crash on 2.1 devices

So, one of the additions in the 2.0 version was a custom PreferenceColor that has a visible color swatch.  This is technically the first product we pushed out using that, and everything largely seemed fine... until I started getting a bunch of e-mail from Sony XPeria X8 users saying they get a crash when they push the settings button.

This worked on every device we tried it on, so that was really confusing.  Eventually I asked a few of the customers to send over a log file using aLogCat, and sure enough saw the same callstack in each one that arrived: a crash in setColorFilter.

Ultimately this made a lot of sense -- while we build against the 2.3.4 SDK, we allow our products to run on anything as low as 2.1.  The particular setColorFilter I was using didn't get introduced until Android 2.2, and I hadn't tested the preference listing on a 2.1 device (only the rendering), so didn't notice the problem.  The solution is simply to use an alternate setColorFilter that did exist in earlier SDK versions.

Sorry about that folks, lesson learned.  I may go pick up an X8 or Zio so we have another 2.1 device around, most of our test phones have ended up being updated to at least 2.2 over time.

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