Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Koi Live Wallpaper v1.1

  - New Feature: Custom background images
  - Update: Adjusted swim animation

There's been a lot of requests for this one, so this update has support for a custom background image.  I also tweaked the swim animation to help desync the fins more than they were before.  Enjoy, folks!


  1. Very good app,with excellent graphics. I suggest making the fish/plants react when users touches their screen. Was an A+ app,A++ if this can be added in the next version. Good job in developing this app.

  2. Is there any way this could be made into a standalone app? This is so darn beautiful, it's a shame to have icons and the drawer blocking part of it.

  3. Is it possible to allow higher-res wallpapers? The ones that come with the app are pixelated, and I can't seem to add a wallpaper higher than the recommended size (which isn't big enough) without getting some crazy messed-up background. Other than that it's a great app (bought it.)