Friday, December 23, 2011

Aquarium Live Wallpaper v2.66

  - Bug Fix: Missing fish from dialog box in Android 4.0
  - Update: New icon art for app icon and no-fish icon

This is mostly a bug-fix update, as while testing things on Android 4.0 I found an issue with the fish picker's layout.  The last column went missing, and as it turns out simplifying the layout a bit solved the issue.  I also switched out a couple icons so things work better if the background color changes.


  1. Gina 25.12.2012
    Bella applicazione la versione free, ma vorrei poter scaricare l'aggiornamento dal market android e che l'addebito fosse preso dal mio credito telefonico visto che ho una sim ricarica no da carta di credito

  2. I have the full version, but can't change the fish selection. Once they are in the tank, there seems to be no way to get rid of too many fish. I can select more though. Help, please!

  3. I purchased this app, but it never downloaded, how to I fix this?

  4. Hunter: You should just be able to click the fish in the list, then when it gives you the popup with all the species in it, select the 'empty fish' outline on the bottom. That fish will disappear!

    StarStruck: This pretty much always means there was a problem authorizing the charge. I'd suggest sending an e-mail to contact AT and we can check. If you got a new card recently with a different expiration date, for example, it wouldn't let you purchase anything.