Sunday, December 4, 2011

Space Battle Live Wallpaper

(Android Market Link)

We've had this one going on the back burner for a while, and it's exciting to finally get it out there!  Basically, Space Battle is a retro-style arcade game that plays itself in the backgound of your home screen!  With classic Galaga style enemy behavior and the traditional hero ship at the bottom of the screen, it's a fun backdrop that runs beautifully at a solid 60fps at all times.

There's some fun interaction too -- tapping on enemies kills them, tapping elsewhere on the screen causes the hero ship to fire a shot.  In addition, we've got a few different sets of themed sprites, so in the full version you can pick what style of art you want.  Other options include setting colors of shots, enemy formations, and other game options.

I think this is a really neat concept, so hopefully other folks agree.  If you have any suggestions, say the word!