Saturday, December 31, 2011

KF Flames Live Wallpaper v1.2

  - Update: Now using OpenGL 2.0
  - Update: Better responsiveness
  - Update: Color thumbnails in settings screen

This update brings Flames over to our OpenGL 2.0 framework, and should generally work better than the previous version, though it won't look a whole lot different.  Still, better stability and less CPU usage seem like worthy goals to me.  :)

This also gained color swatches for the color prefs on the settings screen, which I think is a pretty substantial useability win.


  1. An update happened on my phone last night and now the graphics looks choppy and not free flowing. It really looks like crap

  2. Hi, I got the program for my galaxy note. Looks great on my monitor. Love it. But I can't get the full version because of the country I live in? I live in Asia. That completely sucks. I love the wallpaper, it's perfect for my taste. Anything I can do? Please help me.

  3. Hi!
    I donated for the full version of your Live flames wallpaper but I have a long lasting background issue. Every time I restart my GSG2 (4.0.4.) I have to set background from default android one. Why is this happening? Please solve the problem.

    1. Usually this means you have the live wallpaper stored on your SD card. Since the SD card isn't mounted right away when you restart the phone, it means anything stored on it can't be automatically started. This behavior will be the same for anything that runs in the background like this.

      If it's a frequent problem, I'd recommend moving it back to your phone's main memory.