Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prismatic Live Wallpaper v1.1

  - New Backgrounds: Tie Died Trees, Camoflage!
  - New Feature: Thumbnail preview on background selection
  - Update: Misc performance and stability improvements

It's been a while since Prismatic got updated, but this one one should give you some noticable speed improvements on the right devices.  In particular, we're selectively clearing the buffer when rendering, which on a Tegra device makes a lot of difference.  This update also inherits a lot of general stability fixes we've made over the last few months, so all told users should have a better experience.

In addition, you'll find a couple new background images in the list, and some other small usability improvements.  Enjoy!


  1. Still having performance issues on Tegra 3 :(

    1. Really? What device are you running it on? This is one of the simplest products we have rendering-wise, I'd expect it to run with no problems at all on a Tegra3 device.

      Well, I don't have a Tegra3 device that's 1920x1080... I can see something of that res having similar fill-rate starvation issues that the 1280x800 Tegra2 devices have.

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