Sunday, March 7, 2010

Synergy on the marketplace!

It's been some time in coming, but the first round of features are all complete and I can't find any problems.  That means it's time to get uploaded to the market!  This actually can take a little while, as the marketplace listing in many cases is the ONLY thing anyone will see of your product.  Considering the description is limited to 325 characters I spend a lot of time trying to get that to read like something, and have set up the app-specific pages on this blog to help bolster those tiny little descriptions.

Today's main finishing touches were in getting a proper Game Setup screen in place, which lets me hook up the additional high score boards and game modes I got ready to go the other night.  Currently there's four modes -- Endurance and three Time Attack variants.  I'm planning to add a few more over time, but as a starting point this isn't bad.  I'm actually very happy with the overall gameplay state currently, it plays fast and the controls feel very accurate to me.  The visuals look good in motion and are nice to look at.

Can't wait to get some feedback!  The marketplace link is here.

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