Saturday, March 13, 2010

Synergy updated to v1.16

- Bug Fix: Default high scores were incorrect if session went to sleep then resumed
- Update: "Drop Sensitivity" pref's "low" setting is now lower.  High is still the same.
- Update: Different title screen background art
- New Feature: Dramatic Camera Angle, because that's next-gen
- New Feature: Moving starfield when player is halfway through a level
- New Feature: Trackball support (with sensitivity prefs)

Nothing huge, but some fun additions.  Dramatic Camera Angle is a joke more than a useful feature, but the game's completely playable that way, so if you like it go to town.  The main impetus to this update was to fix the high score bug, which mostly was visual -- it never affected real human player scores.

You'll now see an animated starfield fade in behind the playfield once you're more than halfway through a level.  It's subtle and non-intrusive, but lends a bit more motion to the screen.

For those who're still in Blackberry mode, you can now control the game entirely with the trackball!  This works pretty decently, well enough that I can get through a dozen levels of Endurance mode with it.  High/medium/low sensitivity settings are in the preferences.

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