Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aquarium v1.45

- New Feature: Double tap to feed fish!

This also incorporated a couple of other minor issues and so on being addressed.

If the fish in general seem to behave more actively, that's because a ton of restructuring happened to enable support for multiple behaviors and switching between them, so not everything shook out to be exactly the same math as previously.  The actual feeding behavior seems to work fine and transition in and out pretty well, and considering the simplicity of the system does a good job of creating the illusion, I think.


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  2. I rooted my EVO today, and was downloading all of my paid apps, but the Aquarium Live Wallpaper that I paid $0.99 for a couple days ago is nowhere to be found. What gives?

  3. After the most recent update the aquarium makes my Nexus One lag pretty badly. Great other than that.