Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aquarium v1.6

- Bug Fix: Smoothing home screen scrolling
- New Feature: Angel fish!
- New Feature: Trigger fish!
- Update: Faster plant motion
- Update: More colors in default backdrop

Nothing too crazy, just progressing with more artwork mostly.  The smoother scrolling is the same code as Galactic Core for the same reasons, that's one that's snuck into most of my wallpapers and will get fixed as updates occur.  Beyond that I got some comments that the default background is too purple, so I pulled it a little more towards cyan and allowed more of the colors to show through.


  1. I love this wallpaper. It's the only one I use. Since you are very open to listening to user comments, I'll give you one. The scale of the fish sizes are totally off. For instance, in real life, trigger fish are huge, and clown fish are tiny, but they are around the same size in your wallpaper. That's the one thing that detracts from the otherwise awesome realism.

  2. I made the triggerfish way too small in this release. I've already made them noticably bigger locally. I'll reduce the clownfish a notch while I'm at it, they are kind of big.