Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Galactic Core v1.51

- New Feature: Enable Mipmapping pref
- Bug Fix: Halo around first pass

I made mipmapping a pref rather than a default because I've since become aware that at least one handset provides an OpenGL 1.1 instance that doesn't actually support the baseline 1.1 features -- in this case I think it was a Moment.  Running Cyanogen, admittedly, but as I expect the drivers were the Samsung originals I'd rather get my libraries using a pref now rather than later.

The halo thing was frustrating.  Basically, the first pass of the Galactic Core wallpaper is a very detailed image, and to save file size I made it a JPG.  Well, I've noticed since then that on some screens you could see a slight grey outline where the geometry was... even though when opening the image in an image editor it reports true black on the edges (Meaning an RGB of 0,0,0).  Switching this back to a (much bigger) PNG fixed this.  As best I can tell, the jpg decoder on an HTC incredible won't quite let black be black, so that's the workaround.

A similar problem was happening with the additive bubbles in Aquarium, and switching it to a PNG, once again, fixed it.

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