Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aquarium v1.85

 - New Feature: Sea turtle!
 - Update: Better framerate on Motorola Droid
 - Bug Fix: SD card support

I've been doing most testing on an HTC Incredible lately, and when I fancified the overhead light rays everything seemed cool... until I got a couple mails from Motorola Droid owners asking why things seemed so slow on Android 2.2.  Looking at it, the 2.2 update was just a coincidence, the real problem was that I'm now doing two passes with the default overhead light.  I'd forgotten how fill-rate limited the Droid was, and it came back to bite me here.  To make up for it I set the default back to one pass (like it was before), and additionally cinched up the edges of both the overhead light model and the bubbles model to eliminate any empty space.  The default settings now should be faster than before I changed things a week ago.  Sorry about that, Droid users.

SD card fix is the same as outlined below -- I turned off the copy protection flag.

Sea turtles -- well, who doesn't love 'em, and people ask about them pretty regularly.  It's making a bit of a wreck of the already questionable fish sizing, but ah well.  :)

1 comment:

  1. After this update I experienced several hard crashes requiring battery removal to recover control. After my second reboot I was dropped back to a static default wallpaper and your aquarium software became suspect. When i selected your live wallpaper again, another problem occurred i discovered my icons located in folders were all duplicated and all widgets were rendered twice one on top of each other.
    Love the look if the program but it has become unuseable in this current version. I'm on a Moto Droid running2.2 froyo. I hope this helps.