Thursday, August 19, 2010


Things to get done on various projects:

* Sanity check app names for all wallpapers.
* Add Albania to EU Flags.
* Seahorse for Aquarium
* Popup menu when selecting fish for Aquarium
* Cleanup flare overlays for Thunderstorm clouds
* More prefs for Thunderstorm
* Confirm whether Motorola fixed their filtering bug with the 2.2 update They DID!

* Flowers update


  1. I am thinking you add lightning/thunder interactive effects for Tunderstorm Live Wallpaper :D

  2. An idea for another live wallpaper - something Fall-themed, such as a garden full of pumpkins. At night, they could come alive with jack-o-lantern faces. Or just a dark hillside with jack-o-lanterns - different flickering lights in the pumpkins (maybe different colors?).

    You are the best at these live wallpapers so hopefully you could make it happen.

    Thank you!