Saturday, August 7, 2010

Galactic Core v1.53

 - Update: More color selections
 - Update: Nicer prefs listing
 - Bug Fix: 2.2 SD card support

This is primarily a maintenance update to fix an issue with SD card offloading -- basically, while I've had support enabled for months now, I just recently discovered that it wasn't actually working for several of my wallpapers.  I tested this locally on a Motorola Droid running 2.2 and it seemed to work fine, so what gives?

A couple questions to the Android Development mailing list taught me that the market can't modify my signed APK file in any way, and the configuration between the working and non-working apps is exactly the same... plus, they work when I test them locally.  This means it has to be something with the market listing.  I did a couple of experiments with one of the folks who reported the bug to me, and eventually worked out that the 'copy protection' flag that the market allows you to enable on a listing doesn't play nice with SD card storage.  The install-location documentation doesn't mention this anywhere, so while I thought I'd been good to go for months, I've actually been sabotaging the feature by enabling copy protection.

So, half the point of this update is to disable that flag.  As mentioned with the City at Night entry below, I'm not a fan of completely invisible updates, so cleaned up the prefs listing using PreferencesCategory (which I just learned about) and additional color selections as a bonus.

As a side note, anyone with a leaked ROM isn't able to see anything flagged as copy protected, and that happens often enough to be meaningful in my experience.  Worse than that, Samsung just released an official update for the Galaxy S in some regions that also can't see anything flagged as copy protected.  Between the SD storage issue and the fact that it seems to frequently mean potential customers can't see the software, I think it's time to ditch the copy protection feature on all my listings.  As a bonus, it'll trim the amount of storage space required, so really everybody wins.

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