Monday, April 5, 2010

Galactic Core & Silhouette issues on Droid

There's a couple issues with the Droid that both wallpapers share.

1) A sometimes crash upon hitting the "set as wallpaper" button.
2) A freeze when switching from portrait to landscape

The first issue is strange but work-aroundable.  Basically, the newly created wallpaper thread gets told to load, then before loading is finished gets told to destroy itself, then after that gets told to render -- not so great when you've just unloaded everything as instructed!  I've worked around this by getting an on-demand system in place that can catch a missing-asset exception and do a load if necessary.

The second issue is proving the tricky one.  As mentioned before both these wallpapers are making use of Robert Green's GLWallpaperService library.  This is a really great foundation for OpenGL wallpapers that allows the near-transparent porting of OpenGL code from GLSurfaceView -- something I much appreciate as I'm way better versed in OpenGL than I am in the guts of Android view creation.

Unfortunately, sometimes when GLWallpaperService attempts to create a viewport (via eglCreateWindowSurface), the call never returns.  What you get instead is an endless string of "waitForCondition(ReallocateCondition) timed out" messages.

This is a function that, based on the spec, just shouldn't do this.  As you can see by this documentation page, if there's a problem, it should return one of eight possible error codes so that the error can be dealt with (and should never fail to return).  The fact that it doesn't return suggests there's a decent chance this is a bug with Motorola's OpenGL drivers, which probably means a glacial fix, necessitating a workaround.  I know Mr. Green has been investigating this and with a bit of luck hopefully this can be puzzled out, or possibly someone can explain what's being done wrong on the setup side, though on the surface things all look kosher.

Basically, sorry for any folks inconvenienced by this.  I'd rather not do an update until the problems can get fixed solidly, so it may be a bit yet.

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  1. My galactic core free wallpaper shuts itself off and defaults back to the default wallpaper every few days on my Samsung Galaxy phone. Also I get a notification that says "Currently unable to download" that I can't get rid of and I think it's caused by the wallpaper. Any ideas?