Thursday, September 23, 2010


Things to tackle over the next few days:

* Halloween update (ghosts & witches!)
* Vertex color support in model format
* Seahorse (finally) in Aquarium - 50%
* Upsell activity into Silhouette
* Butterflies
* Landscape mode upsell dialog
* More prefs for Asteroid Belt
* Implement Jungle Waterfall


  1. I came here to say that I've downloaded nearly all of the Donation Live Wallpapers you have produced. I am in awe of not only the quality of the live wallpapers, but also how you are staying on top of bugs and always updating and improving on them. I've shown them to my friends and family and they were all impressed. Several of them with compatible phones have purchased as well, and a few want a new phone so they can!

    I appreciate all your hard work and your quality products, including the Generala game which I play with my son frequently as he is addicted to it. It is refreshing to have bought quality apps that are maintained/updated and improved upon all the time and that are not soon abandoned as I've quickly learned so many are. Frankly, to be honest, and other Android users won't like this, you could ask for twice the donation and I would gladly submit :)

    *Droid X (not rooted/not deodexed) with the recent ota Froyo 2.2 update.

  2. Much appreciated sir! I try to stay on top of any problems I hear about. :)