Friday, October 1, 2010

Bamboo Forest v1.05

 - New Feature: Custom color picker
 - New Feature: Scene complexity pref
 - Bug Fix: HTC flickering bug

The color picker and flickering issue are the same as Galactic Core in the below post, but unfortunately that couple of fps loss from calling glFinish() hurts a lot on Bamboo Forest, which already has fog axing its framerate down lower than I'd like.

This resulted in some simplification of the scene to get the framerate back up, and the addition of a "Scene Complexity" setting in the preferences.  If you've got a really fast-rendering phone (A Galaxy S, Droid 2, etc) you can turn it all the way up just fine, but if you've got an original Droid you might want to stick with a low complexity.  Pick your prettiness/performance sweet spot!  The default value for this is 'medium'.

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